Authenticate your API calls by including your secret key in the Authorization header of every request you make. You can manage your API keys from the dashboard.

Generally, the secret keys are to be kept secret and should not be used on the front-end where they'll be accessible by others. e.g. on a JavaScript application with ajax.


Secure your secret key

Do not commit your secret keys to git, or use them in client-side code.

Authorization headers should be in the following format: *Authorization: Bearer SECRET_KEY


Sample Authorization Header

Authorization: Bearer MA-fc3bd57e-cbe6-4894-8f52-ec59d20fa807

API requests made without authentication will fail with the status code 401: Unauthorized.

Locating API Key

Follow the steps below to locate the API Key associated with your Smslive247 account:

Step 1:
log in to your Smslive247 account
Step 2:
Click on "My Account" on the top menu bar


My Account Page

Step 3:
Click on "Account Details" from the top sub-menu bar


Account Details Page

Step 4:
Locate the "Developer API Key" field on the page, which contains your api key.


Locate Your Api Key