Learn how to integrate our APIs into your application

API Basics

SMSLive247 API gives you access to pretty much all the features you can use on our dashboard and lets you extend them for use in your application. It strives to be RESTful and is organized around the main resources you would be interacting with - with a few notable exceptions.


Before you start

You should create a free Smslive247 account that you can test the API against. We will provide you with test keys that you can use to make API calls

Requests and Responses

Both request body data and response data are formatted as JSON. Content type for responses will always be application/json. We generally recommend that developers use HTTP status codes to determine the result of an API call.

Response with a single object

  "data": object    // contains the resource requested. e.d message resource.

The data key contains the result of your request. For example, a request to retrieve a single message will return a message object.

Response with an array of objects

  "data": [object],    // contains actionable result of processing if present
  "paging": [object]    // contains pagination information.

The data key contains the result of your request. For instance, a request to retrieve a list of messages will return an array of messages.

The paging key is used to provide context for the contents of the data object. Pagination parameters can be passed along to limit the result set. The paging key will then contain an object with the following attributes:

"paging": {
  "pageNo": 1,
  "pageSize": 20,
  "totalCount": 90,
  "totalPages": 5

Paging Object Keys


This is the current page returned. This is dependent on what page was requested using the pageNo query parameter.
Default: 1


This is the maximum number of records that will be returned per request. This can be modified by passing a new value as a pageSize query parameter.
Default: 20


This is the total number of records that match the query parameters.


This is how many pages in total are available for retrieval considering the pageSize specified. For example, if there are 90 records and pageSize is left at its default value of 20, "totalPages" will have a value of 5